Prepare yourself for the dating world

Starting to date again?

So, you’ve been asked if you are ready to date.
Well, are you?
Let me tell you, I thought I was. I wanted to get out there asap. I wanted to start looking for love. I hadn’t had it for so long, I wanted to find it… now!
Well, it’s not that easy.
On this site, I want to help get people over the hump of;

1. Starting to date again
2. Being ready for what you’ll face out there.

3. Helping along the way
4. Teaching people how to interact online.

There are a lot of things I thought I knew getting back out there, but I was wrong.
My journey has not been perfect. It has not been fun. It has not been easy. I want to share my experiences and learn from other people.
I want this to be a community of sharing, our highs and lows.

Getting Ready

These are things to think about before engaging in online dating or even going on that first date. 

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Some things to think about before you start dating

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Here are some experiences I have have had

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We all need a little help

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Lessons for my sons

These are lessons I would like everyone to read. Their lessons that people can live by and pass along to their children. 

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Required Listening

Tunes to appreciate


Some inspiring and thought provoking videos

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Let’s Talk

About me

I’ve been dating for about four years and I have had ups and downs that I want to share. My hope is that my experience can help others along the way and help support the growing audience of online dating.